Preparation for Sale

    property sale

    Tidying up before selling your house? In need of an estate clean up? Doing renovations or construction, or are in need of an alternative to skips we can help.

    We take almost anything that is non-hazardous that two people can lift: old unwanted furniture and appliances, garden waste, house and renovation debris, excess packaging and cardboard, office furniture and equipment, electronics and TVs – we take it all, whether you have a lot or a little.

    We make sure it gets disposed of properly through donation or recycling. The dump is always our last resort.

    Household Junk Removal Office Junk Removal General Junk Removal
    Appliance, Refrigerator, Mattress, Furniture, Carpet TV, Tyre & Scrap Metal Computer Recycling, Printer Recycling, Monitor Recycling Green Waste, Rubbish, Garbage Removal Alternative, Skip Bin Alternative, Junk, Construction Cleanout & Estate Cleanout