About Our Company

    At CleanUps Melbourne our goal is to ease your worries and help you with your journey in preparing your house for rental or resale.

    Whether it is a move to another residence or a difficult task with dealing with the grief when a loved one passes away, CleanUps Melbourne can help with the preparation of the property for sale. CleanUps Melbourne will come in, remove unwanted items and dispose of all rubbish, do cosmetic repairs if required and leave the property in a spotless state.

    Our trained and reliable staff, repair any house and carry out landscaping in preparation for renting or resale of the property in a timely and professional manner. Our team provides a discrete and trustworthy service, keeping in mind the sensitive nature of the work.

    CleanUps Melbourne will make sure that all remaining furniture and possessions left inside the property are removed/sold/taken to storage and the remainder of unwanted goods are sorted so that the entire property is completely cleared for rental or sale.

    If you have any queries, Get in touch with us.